Thoughtful Collaboration: Peacock Prints from ArtSugar

This holiday season, Flawless Foundation has so much to be thankful for. At the top of our list is a “thoughtful collaboration” with Founder and CEO of ArtSugar, Alix Greenberg. Alix has designed fifty limited-edition prints based on our logo, the peacock. 50% of the proceeds go directly to support our work.

“The therapeutic capabilities art has on the psyche are boundless. As an artist, I know first hand creating art helps us explore our emotions, improve our self-esteem, and of course, express ourselves. For these reasons, ArtSugar is honored to partner with Flawless Foundation with an artwork that embodies the spirit and mission of this wonderful organization: the peacock, which also happens to be their logo.”

Alix Greenberg, Founder and CEO of ArtSugar

We have long admired the work of Alix and ArtSugar, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with her on this collaboration. We, like Alix, believe that creative expression is vitally important to our holistic health and well being.

To give or receive a tangible representation of this creative expression and wellness is healing in itself, and to be able to share beauty and light is the true meaning of this season. Purchasing the “Peacock Print” will make you feel flawless as it is a gift that gives back.

There are only fifty of these prints–don’t hesitate to be one of the lucky owners of this unique piece of art. Alix’s website (ArtSugar) is such a treat to visit, so click here to purchase the prints and browse other “Artwork for Good” where you can also choose the Flawless Foundation at checkout to support our mission of creating a world where everyone is embraced by society and feels flawless. 

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