Post ’16 Election Resources: How to Talk With Kids & Stress Management

Wondering how to talk about the election with kids?

Our friends The Meeting House published a helpful interview with Scott Baytosh, Head of Alexandria Country Day School who has some tips for creating dialogue with kids.

Reassure kids they are safe and emphasize democratic values: What Do We Tell the Children?

Keep the conversation open and be honest about how you’re feeling: How to Talk to Your Kids About This Divisive Election

More resources for self-care in stressful times

Advice from our favorite experts on dealing with the stresses of 24/7 news coverage. Start Putting Me Before the Media.

Let’s get back to the basics of respect and civility. It’s time to Make America Kind Again.

5 Science-Backed Strategies to Find Resilience

Meditation for when things get tough: Finding Stability in Turbulence

How to Deal With Election-Induced Stress

Mental health first aid for helping someone who is dealing with a mental health crisis.

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