“The mind-body exercises are really important. Integrating the mind-body approach is essential to working with this population. ”

—Ed Keating, LCSW- The Flawless Story

Videos we love!

We love all the buzz around brain health! Below are videos from our friends and partners that line up with the Flawless vision.


Dr. Kafui Dzirasa on Curing Brain Disease

Dr. Kafui Dzirasa, visionary IMHRO-Janssen Rising Star scientist, explains how IMHRO is helping him pursue cures for brain disease. Recorded at Music Festival for Mental Health 2013.

Patrick Kennedy on IMHRO’s Music Festival for Mental Health

Patrick Kennedy, former U.S. Representative, explains why he supports IMHRO’s mission to transform mental health and brain research. Recorded at Music Festival for Mental Health 2013.

Saks Institute Lecture with Patrick Kennedy: Living with Mental Illness

Patrick Kennedy delivers the 2013 Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy, and Ethics Lecture.Patrick, who has struggled with bipolar disorder and depression for decades, shares his story. He is joined by USC Gould Prof. Elyn Saks, USC law student Evan Langinger and psychiatry resident Michelle Wu, who discuss how they managed mental illness through their university years.