“The mind-body exercises are really important. Integrating the mind-body approach is essential to working with this population. ”

—Ed Keating, LCSW- The Flawless Story


Flawless supports brain health and promotes the healing power of rhythm and relationship through holistic programs. We value the mind-body connection and provide classes that teach children skills for self-regulation. In the past we have provided wonderful programs such as our Girls Empowerment Group and our Flawless Garden of Miracles. Our current initiative is our yoga program at Pioneer School in Portland. OR. Please visit our Holistic Program’s Page for more information!


Flawless Garden of Miracles

Our Flawless Gardening Project at Pioneer School in Portland, OR brought children back to the earth.

A Flawless Story

Narrated by Al Roker, this video of the Flawless story highlights our holistic programs mission and programs at the Pioneer School in Portland, OR.

Empowered Youth Immersion Video

This Flawless sponsored video captures the work done by the Empowered Youth Initiative.



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