We believe that collaboration is the catalyst of change, which is why we are pleased to offer our Flawless Strategies communications service. Through providing original content, branding, and communications advising, we aim to expand and amplify our partners’ mission-driven messages.

With our unique ability to publish captivating content and target and engage key audiences, we help other organizations achieve success in communicating their mission and vision. We specialize in messaging related to mental health, social-emotional learning, and holistic health practices like yoga and mindfulness.

Our Services

Flawless Strategies provides a range of services including:
-Digital communications management
-Branding and messaging consultation
-Social media management
-Live event coverage

For more information, please contact strategies@flawlessfoundation.org

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Our Story

Over the past few years, The Flawless Foundation has been earning ever-increasing visibility with our dynamic online presence. Through outlets including a blog on The Huffington Post, to social media, to podcast interviews with hosts from around the world, we are sharing our vision of a flawless world, and have built a strong and clear megaphone for outreach and engagement in a complex social media environment.

“In less than six months, Flawless Strategies has worked social media miracles for us. We have had an increase in reach on every platform and they have helped us to connect as thought-leaders with our blogs, newsletters and overall communication. The team is forward thinking and responsive at every turn!”

Paula Resnick
Founder/Executive Director, The Meeting House NYC

“The Flawless Foundation provides unparalleled social media coverage of mental health related events. If you want people talking about your event or organization on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, look to the mental health experts: The Flawless Strategies team.”

Sheila Hamilton
Award-Winning Author, Advocate & Host at Kink.fm