Janine Francolini


We are grateful to have you here visiting our website and learning more about our mission, which is also our passion: supporting and optimizing the holistic brain health of our children.

The birth of Flawless came as a personal journey and I am often asked why I started this work? As I wrote about in the Huffington Post, I had untreated mental health challenges as a young child. The lack of awareness, education, and treatment unraveled to a life threatening point when I was an adolescent. I finally received extensive treatment, which saved my life. As the patriarch of our cause, Patrick Kennedy always says, “when it comes to mental health, why do we wait until its ‘sick care’ instead of ‘health care’.” I was very lucky to have had good health care, excellent educational opportunities, health insurance and many treatment options. As I have learned more about the state of our current system of education and mental health care I have been called to action. When I launched Flawless I didn’t have much of a plan, working at my kitchen table. It started as a bake sale. One of my friends in New York would bake cookies and send them to a school for children with serious behavior challenges that we started to serve in Portland, Oregon.

Why the peacock? In 2002, I thought that I had the dream job as an admissions director at a prestigious school in New York City with a coveted spot for my child. We were set, until I had an epiphany. I was interviewing 500 children and families a year for approximately ten spots. I started to question why I went to graduate school. Remembering it was to teach, connect, and nurture. Instead my days were spent judging, testing and eliminating. Everyday of that soul-searching year I had lunch with my son in a garden where peacocks were running around……… that was the year that a light bulb went off for me. I knew what I was called to do: see the perfection in every child. To everyone’s surprise, I resigned from my job, relinquished the spot for my child to attend the school and the journey towards creating Flawless began.

At Flawless we consider the care and education of children with brain based behavioral challenges to be so critical that we classify it a public health emergency. Our drive to diminish the school to prison pipeline, lower the high rate of youth suicide, and prevent the perpetuation of school violence are daunting tasks. However it is a mission fueled by unyielding hope and the belief in the resilience and inherent goodness in every human being. We at Flawless see the perfection of our children; honor the reality of brain based behavior differences, and know that every single child deserves respect, support, and love.

With Gratitude,

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