“If we could bring transformative practices to every child on the planet we could change the world in a generation”

— BK Bose, Founder/Executive Director Niroga Institute

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Your generous donation helps fund our yoga programs and advocacy campaigns across the country, or trains a parent, educator or mental health professional in Collaborative Problem Solving, the evidence based therapy out of Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Create a miracle today!
The Flawless Foundation is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status. All contributions are tax-deductible as charitable contributions to the extent allowed by law.

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From children to supermodels, everyone loves their Flawless necklace. 100% of the proceeds of this beautiful sterling silver necklace designed by Haley M. go towards supporting our work.


Corporate Match

Let your gift create even more Flawless miracles! Many companies offer to match their staff’s donations. Contact us for more information about our corporate matched programs!


Longterm Stock

Stock that has been held for twelve months and one day and appreciated in value is a wonderful asset to creating miracles. Please contact us for more information about our stock programs.


Airline Miles

Every mile donated helps create miracles through education, awareness and action! This is a simple way you can help create Flawless miracles.Contact us for more information!

Flawless Volunteers


Flawless is always looking for positive, bright individuals to volunteer their time and help create Flawless miracles. Contact us to learn more about our latest volunteer opportunities


Flawess hosts events and conferences all over the country. We are always looking for corporate support. We are so filled with gratitude for all past Corporate support.

To donate by check please make check payable to The Flawless Foundation and send it to PO Box 5183 Portland, OR 97208