“We’re just like you. People with mental illness- we have the same dreams, the same hopes, the same ambitions.”

—Elyn Saks JD, PhD- A Flawless Evening in LA with Elyn Saks


At Flawless we are constantly working towards changing the face of mental health. These videos are examples of just a few of the ways we work towards showing the importance of brain health as one of the pillars of overall health.


Featured on CBS12: Normalizing the conversation on mental health

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — “Seeing the perfection in everyone,” it’s the motto for the Flawless Foundation. Janine Francolini, the founder of the Flawless Foundation, joined CBS12 News This Morning to talk about mental health and how she is helping normalize the conversation.


Ross Szabo on Seeing the Perfection in Every Person

Mental health advocate, Ross Szabo talks about what seeing the perfection in every person means to him.

A Flawless Celebration

This event helped raise funds for our Portland therapeutic yoga programs as well as trainings for mental health professionals, educators and parents to support our community of children living with brain based behavioral challenges.

A Flawless Evening in LA with Elyn Saks

In the words of Patrick Kennedy- “we need an attitude adjustment and Flawless is all about that!” Flawless celebrates the perfection in everyone with our LA community and the amazing Elyn Saks.

Love Bigger.. Judge Less!

Video produced from our 2012 Flawless Perfection Party at Le Cirque in New York City where we embraced and celebrated the perfection in every child.

An Evening of Flawless Gratitude at Fred Segal, LA

Check out this fun video from our event at Fred Segal in LA. Moby, 200 supporters, shopping for Flawless, meaningful discussions about mental health -Just like perfection – who could ask for anything more?

A Conversation with Supermodel Sarah DeAnna

Flawless Founder, Janine Francolini, and supermodel/author and Flawless advocate, Sarah DeAnna, chat about the 2012 Didi Hirsch Foundation’s Erasing the Stigma.

I Will Listen

Flawless Founder Janine Francolini joins the #IWillListen campaign launched by NAMI NYC!