Putting “Me” Before The Media

In my work I must stay on top of media and breaking news at all times. During times of national crisis I often have a constant stream of texts or alerts flooding my inbox with links to the latest tragedies that are plaguing our headlines. Usually I dive in and write, trying to make sense of the senseless but given the perpetual violence and political contempt lately, I’m finding it difficult to open my computer. I figured that despite my extensive training and experience, if I was struggling then others might be as well, so I offer some of my favorite resources on how to stay healthy and balanced. Below are some tips on how to manage the onslaught of 24/7 media coverage that can be unsettling, contentious and filled with pessimism.


Dr. Fadi Haddad reminds us all that we must put on our oxygen mask before we talk with our kids about upsetting news in the media.

Dr. Harold Koplewicz advises that expressing compassion and unity is always more helpful than being divisive when discussing these issues with our children.

Chantel Garrett, founder of Partners for StrongMinds, encourages practicing self-care and mindfulness when the world news takes its toll.

My number one tool during these times is to take action and ask myself what I can do to make a difference. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy in Orlando, I wrote this blog and interviewed Ari Nessel, founder of The Pollination Project, who always asks himself,

“How can I step up my love…How can I live even more in the light?”

Read and watch as Ari shares his thoughts on adversity and how to create a more compassionate world.

Sometimes it seems like there’s a never-ending stream of bad news and Dr. Gail Saltz shares tips on how to balance anxiety by engaging in activities to distract your mind and help calm your nervous system.

Joanne Tombrakos talks about managing the flood of online news and some of the potential dangers of sharing that can come with social media. Be part of the solution by sharing in a productive, thoughtful and sensitive way. And don’t forget, it’s always a healthy choice to just close the laptop.

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