Lavender used for pillows


We had the best time this week making lavender eye pillows with a group of boys. One of our special corporate donors, Sundance Lavender Farm has donated a ton of Lavender bouquets and Lavender essential oil for our Flawless Care Program. Our first project was making the pillows with flaxseed and lavender.
The boys loved it and were intoxicated by the aroma – people all around the school were following their noses to the classroom where the relaxing, healing vapors of lavender were floating out into the hallways.

It was truly amazing to see the therapeutic effects of the lavender. One of the students was having a very challenging afternoon, was agitated and did not want to join the project. As he took a break and observed, he slowly was drawn in and made an eye pillow as a gift for his teacher with a note on it that said, “Thank you Brandon”. Another small (or not so small) Flawless miracle.

The boys chose to either hand sew or use the sewing machine to sew up their pillows.

After they made their two pillows(one for themselves and one to give away), we opened up the project to some other classes. It was a favorite and we plan to do this activity with every child in the program. Next on our agenda -foot baths with the essential oil and brand new socks donated by Nike. We are so grateful to our amazing volunteers and corporate donors to the Flawless Care program.(New Seasons, Sundance Lavender Farm and Nike).

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