Everything We Need to Know About Peace is in Charleston, S.C.

As soon as the news broke of the horrific tragedy in Charleston, SC, an editor reached out to me to ask if I would write something to weigh in with my opinion. I was cautious and apprehensive, but I sat at my laptop and shared about the need for us to stop being divisive and […]

A Candle in the Darkness of Charleston

I write with a broken heart as we once again stand together as a nation in the grief of a brutal shooting that stuns the world. Without a doubt, the events that transpired in Charleston, S.C. are tragic, and the premature loss of any life is something we collectively mourn. My heart and mind are […]

Turning Ripples Into Tidal Waves for Flawless Mental Health

If you were to compare making a change in the world to tossing a pebble into water, you would quickly see that alone, one single pebble makes a small splash with ripples that slowly fade. You would realize how difficult it is for one individual throwing pebble after pebble to ever make a big wave. […]

The College Transition: Navigating the Deep End of the Pool

It’s that time of year again. The universal reply date for colleges has just come and gone, so students are dealing with the aftermath of making a decision under a great deal of pressure. It would be nice to think that once the decision is made everything’s smooth sailing, but I am seeing evidence all […]

Warrior Moms of Mental Health

“Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.” -John Steinbeck, East of Eden Advocates. Partners. Heroes. Brave. Fierce. Honest. Flawless. These are only some of the words that describe three courageous mothers inspiring us all with their mental health advocacy: Kristin Guest, Cinda Johnson, and Liza Long. These women are my compatriots in the stand against […]

May Means Hope for Mental Health!

People often ask me what my dream is in my work at The Flawless Foundation and my answer is always the same: a world where the cause of mental health is celebrated and where every person living with these challenges is embraced by society. And what is also always the same is the vibrant hope […]

Are We in the Emerald City, Dr. Oz?

“But isn’t everything here green?” asked Dorothy. “No more than in any other city,” replied Oz; “but when you wear green spectacles, why of course everything you see looks green to you.” — from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ by Frank L. Baum Dr. Oz has many wondering if he is the doctor he swore to […]

In Oz We Trust

The Hippocratic Oath (Greek ὅρκος horkos) is an oath historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. It requires a new physician to swear, upon a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards. Dear Dr. Oz, You may remember me as I previously reached out […]