In the Sleep Revolution, Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Now that the springtime is here in the Northern Hemisphere, it feels a bit like everyone has came out of their hibernation and started moving at full speed! This past week was a particularly busy one for me and my staff at the Flawless Foundation; while it was a rewarding and productive time with four […]

Flawless Champions Who Are Keeping Oregon Well

Sometimes, the most important work we can do is just to share our stories and have some fun. Trillium Family Services’ recent Black & Gold Gala was a reminder of just how powerful and transformative this can be! Recently, I had the honor of being named one of Trillium Family Services 2016 Mental Health Heroes […]

A Crash of #FlawlessLove!

Friday morning, after I dropped my son off at school, I had a phone meeting with one of my favorite colleagues, mental health advocate Gina Nikkel of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care. Suddenly, there was a loud crash; I abruptly ended the call. A car had rear-ended me. I was okay, and […]

A New Campaign Low for Mental Health

In a recent tweet, presidential candidate Donald Trump threatened, ominously, to “spill the beans” about Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz; Trump’s Twitter followers ended up doing the dirty work for him, “spilling the beans” that Heidi Cruz has had a history of depression. It’s certainly not the first time Trump has said something inexcusable about […]

I Am Strong…

“I am strong, I am bold… my own power, I can hold.” — Bent on Learning Student Mantra In keeping with our series inspired by the Kennedy Forum’s Mental Health State of the Union, this week we focus on prevention. Recently, we attended a gala to benefit Bent on Learning, a nonprofit that brings yoga […]

That’s How The Light Gets In: A Flawless Spring

“Forget your perfect offering — there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” — Leonard Cohen, “Anthem” It is officially Spring and we’re coming up on the holidays of Easter and Passover — a season of hope, renewal, and light. One thing I find very interesting about the symbolism of both of […]

Charlie Sheen, Why Are You Asking a Heart Doctor About Your Brain?

Silence speaks volumes. When it comes to discussing a health issue that affects one in four Americans, silence is what keeps an individual from seeking help for mental health conditions; silence is what prevents us from supporting a family member, a friend, a partner who seeks mental health care; silence is what enables us to […]

5 Foundations of Hope for Flawless Brain Health

“The system we’ve grown up with is a system of separate and unequal care.” — Patrick J. Kennedy. February 23, 2016. The Kennedy Forum, Mental Health State of the Union. On Tuesday, February 23, we were privileged to join the Kennedy Forum for its second annual Mental Health State of the Union, which brought together […]