I was very contemplative on my recent flight home from Colorado, traveling back from a week with my Mom as we try to manage some challenges that often go along with a vibrant life that is in it’s eighth decade. There were many poignant moments and beautiful sunsets in our time together this trip and […]

A List to Love: 10 Mental Wellness Champions to Celebrate

In a time where so many of our news feeds are filled with sobering stories and disturbing media messages, it can be be easy to overlook the innovation, optimism and inspiration across the mental health landscape. A few weeks ago, I attended a NAMI-NYC dinner, hosted by Dr. Barney and Patricia Kenet, which was a […]

Social Media with Soul

So pleased that our blog Social Media With Soul was translated into Portugese and published on the Huffington Post Brazil.

Everything We Really Need to Know About Social Media We Learned in Kindergarten

We live in a culture virtually enveloped by digital media, 24/7. For adults and children alike, social media has become central to our very identities — both in how we interact with our close friends and family, and in the many ways we present ourselves to, and engage with, our broader worlds. As I prepare […]

The Serpent and the Dove

“We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart.” Martin Luther King – Strength to Love Dove of Peace sitting on a ledge in NYC, January 18th 2015 Photo Credit: Pierre Hauser   It is always such a gift to have the opportunity […]

May 22nd in Rhode Island

Our Founder, Janine Francolini will be speaking at the Peace Love Studios Mental Wellness Speaker Series in Rhode Island on May 22nd. Please join us! Click for here more information including scheduling and registration.

I Will Listen!

Janine Francolini, Founder/Executive Director, the Flawless Foundation SOURCE: Huffington Post About a month ago, as I was wrapping up a long week in the office, I received a call from Gayathri Ramprasad, the founder of ASHA International, who asked me for an endorsement of her upcoming book . Gayathri’s book is a memoir of her […]


Janine Francolini, Founder/Executive Director, the Flawless Foundation SOURCE: Huffington Post Last weekend I spent two days in the Napa Valley where $2.8 million dollars were raised by the fierce advocates for curing all brain disorders, Garen Staglin and Patrick Kennedy. These two men are the co-founders of One Mind for Research which aspires to end […]