Dear Dr. Phil — Is the 3rd Time a Charm?

Dear Dr. Phil, Maybe you remember, we’ve been in touch a few times before. Back in 2013, I shared some thoughts with you about the use of language around mental health . My point was simply that the widespread and unconscious use of discriminatory language to describe people with brain health challenges has blurred our […]

Get Your Flawless On!

Our core message at the Flawless Foundation is “Seeing the perfection in every person.” Of course, this means different things to people. For some it means forgiveness and compassion. For others, it means a true open-mindedness about people and understanding of what they think, feel and experience in their lives. For me it means many […]


I was very contemplative on my recent flight home from Colorado, traveling back from a week with my Mom as we try to manage some challenges that often go along with a vibrant life that is in it’s eighth decade. There were many poignant moments and beautiful sunsets in our time together this trip and […]

A Flawless Valentine!

It seems that people either love or hate Valentines Day. At the Flawless Foundation we like to think of everyday as a day to celebrate love. Flawless love is compassion, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. Our tagline is “Seeing the perfection in every child” and that extends to “Seeing the perfection in every person.” Last year […]

A List to Love: 10 Mental Wellness Champions to Celebrate

In a time where so many of our news feeds are filled with sobering stories and disturbing media messages, it can be be easy to overlook the innovation, optimism and inspiration across the mental health landscape. A few weeks ago, I attended a NAMI-NYC dinner, hosted by Dr. Barney and Patricia Kenet, which was a […]

Social Media with Soul

So pleased that our blog Social Media With Soul was translated into Portugese and published on the Huffington Post Brazil.

Everything We Really Need to Know About Social Media We Learned in Kindergarten

We live in a culture virtually enveloped by digital media, 24/7. For adults and children alike, social media has become central to our very identities — both in how we interact with our close friends and family, and in the many ways we present ourselves to, and engage with, our broader worlds. As I prepare […]