70 percent of youth in the United States Juvenile Justice System have a mental health disorder.

—National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice


The research for the evidence based approaches that we support reveal groundbreaking and effective results for children. Our Flawless wellness programs introduce the mind-body connection and teach skills for self regulation. The trainings that we sponsor in Collaborative Problem Solving and yoga/mindfulness for educators, parents and mental health professionals across the country impact thousands and thousands of children in just one training.

At Flawless we consider the care and education of children with brain based behavioral challenges to be so critical that we classify it a public health emergency. We strive to diminish the school to prison pipeline, lower the high rate of youth suicide, and prevent the perpetuation of school violence.


yogaLike Dr. Stuart Ablon, we believe that kids do well if they can. We are committed to spreading this message through our professional trainings. The impact of training professionals in working with the children of Flawless is tremendous. Early on we realized this at a Collaborative Problem Solving training that we sponsored in New York City. We looked into the audience of 200 and saw so many school and institutional administrators who were responsible for the care and education of thousands and thousands of children and realized that when we invest in one mental health professional or educator, many children are impacted. One of our colleagues, The Director of wellness for the New York City public schools is responsible for sixteen thousand children per year and has been instrumental in spreading the word about our trainings.